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create (a life): Pancake Memories

I think it's a gift when, in passing, you're able to realize the magnitude of a moment. As a parent I find it's not everyday. That a day, or several linked together, can easily fly past with barely a nod of recognition. But sometimes I'm able to sense, in the midst of our living, a few especially important moments that I know will become treasured memories. And then, if I'm really lucky, I have time to run and get my camera!

Pancake Memories

Pancake Memories

Pancake Memories

Pancake Memories
Because you know when cooking pancakes turns into voluntary sibling sharing that something special is at hand (wink). And the fact that we ended up eating all of our pancakes, as quickly as I could make them, standing around smiling at each other, makes for a sweet memory indeed. 

Wishing you a sweet ending to your weekend!

Cassidy Sevier

A former classroom teacher, I now homeschool my active three kids. I'm passionate about creativity, curiosity, and finding new hiding places for my chocolate stash. Thank you for visiting!

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