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create (a life): Middle of the Week

Middle of the Week

Middle of the Week

Middle of the Week

This week I am...

...enjoying (still) my big batch of homemade chicken & dumplings from Sunday.

...proud that it turned out just like my grand-mother's. She's a hard act to follow!

...playing lots of hide-and-seek indoors as our winter stretch continues.

...beginning to dream of Spring gardens, partly due to this.

...realizing that we'll probably sell our house right after I plant my garden, hmm...

...thinking it's worth taking the chance. Especially for early Spring lettuce, yum!

...inspired by a friend, who made a picture book of the house they just sold for her kids when they're older.

...photographing our spaces even more to include in the kid's photo-books, for them to remember later.

...knowing that this will be a hard space to leave, if we do sell it.

...also knowing that that is a good thing. If it's easy to leave, then have you made it a home?

Wishing you Spring dreams and warmth, wherever your home is! 

Cassidy Sevier

Cassidy used to teach in the city, now she homeschools three active kids in the woods. She spends her days reading aloud, crafting, getting lost in nature, and refilling her teapot. Her best parenting advice: You should never give kids more water or glitter than you're willing to clean up! Read more about their learning adventures at Freshly

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