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create (a life)
There are some people who seem to settle into their Forever home right away. They find the job of their dreams, the house they've always wanted, and they're settled. I admire those people, but we seem to be cut from a different cloth around here. Which means in twelve years of marriage we've lived in nine homes, two of them overseas. This definitely has its advantages- being able to pack really, really well is one of them- but it's also been tiring at times. It always seems once we've got the walls painted, all of our art hung, and that last box unpacked, we find a great opportunity somewhere else. 

create (a life)
So it was with great relief, and a very large pregnant belly, I moved into our current house almost two years ago. Before this house we'd been living in the duplex next door. We'd bought it and renovated it, living in one side and renting the other. When our neighbors found their Forever home, and this house went up for sale, we dreamed about how nice it would be to have more room for our growing family. And then we decided to buy it. I moved in, eager to settle in before the new baby and relieved we wouldn't be moving again for awhile.

create (a life)
Now, two years later, we're finding ourselves possibly moving again. After much thought and consideration, we put our house and duplex on the market last week. Ironically, in order to prepare our house for staging, we've completed all of those to-do's that have been piling up these past few years. So if our house looks different in my pictures- a bit starker, emptier- that's why. Wish us luck!

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