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Mr. Piano Man

Mr. Piano Man: He prefers his tips in bouncy balls or sippy cups.

Mr. Piano Man

I'm dedicating today's post to my growing little man. Last week we visited the doctor for a check-up and realized that, at 16 months, Billy weighs 28 pounds. He's gained three pounds in the past two months, and is just five pounds away from over-taking his 25-month-older big sister. He's so tall though, that he carries it well. At least I think so, although I am admittedly biased (wink). This weekend, like everyday, is a blur of motion with him as he runs to open the cabinets, then runs to jump on the couch, then (once shooed off the couch) runs to go play on the piano. I've heard somewhere in the world there are children that talk quietly and walk wherever they wish to go; those children do not live in my house. And it's especially funny, friends, because I did talk quietly and walk everywhere as a child. I have outgrown these traits though, and I think our children have followed suit! Although sometimes, once Mr. Piano Man is tucked into bed, it is nice to revisit that quiet once more. 

Wishing you a peaceful end to your weekend!

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