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create (Mama)

I think it's so fitting that I am quilting my first piece with fabric by Lotta Jansdotter. Before I realized she designed fabric- or that anyone did for that matter- I picked up one of her books, Simple Sewing for Baby, at the library. I was pregnant with Isia, dreaming of filling dresser drawers for our baby-to-be with Mama-made creations. I didn't fill any drawers- but I did use the book's pattern to make a few baby bibs. They went well enough to make me consider more sewing projects. Like some of those Beautiful pillows I love so much on Etsy. Well life happened, and other projects too, so it's only now (four years later) that I'm giving those pillow covers a try. It's the fabric's fault- I saw her new line and I knew that it had to fit into our house somewhere. And then I decided it actually needed a whole room designed just for it (Ahem). I'll share the final pictures when the cushions are done- my internal clock is hoping within the next few weeks. Between the holidays and the kids we'll see how that goes (wink).

Wishing you a happy weekend!

Cassidy Sevier

A former classroom teacher, I now homeschool my active three kids. I'm passionate about creativity, curiosity, and finding new hiding places for my chocolate stash. Thank you for visiting!

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