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create (a life): middle of the week

Today finds me...

...thankful for the little feet in my life. 

...amazed by how busy- and quick- those little feet are.

...thankful for washable paint as I explain to Isia that her little brother is not a canvas. (Ahem)

...enlightened by her reasoning, "but he likes to be painted." 

...appreciative of friends who have been loving up- and wearing out!- my kids this week.

...eyeing the sewn cushion covers that are now awaiting some quilting love.

...wondering if nap-time might be long enough to help them on their way.

...deciding we better head outside to make sure- and enjoy this beautiful sunshine!

Wishing you sunshine, and long naps, wherever this finds you!

Cassidy Sevier

Cassidy is a former art classroom teacher from the city, now unexpected homeschooler to three active kids in the woods. She loves nature, good books, large pots of tea, and creative projects with her family. You can read about their learning adventures and more at Freshly

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