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By freshlyplanted - 11:20 PM

Our dear friends Patty and Jason asked me to come out and take picture of their family. We compared our calendars, picked a Saturday afternoon and we were all set- until Billy came down with the tummy flu that morning. Then we picked another Saturday afternoon and we were all set again- until Cory's car broke down on me and caught on fire under the hood a couple miles from their house. I wasn't hurt and, while the car is totaled, nothing else was damaged. So we tried, fingers crossed, for one more Saturday. And sometimes three time's a charm...

This time Jason wasn't able to be with us, but I was able to capture the rest of the family!

I aim for twenty to thirty keepers after a photo shoot. After this one, between us, I ended up editing over a hundred! I just had the hardest time cutting any of them out. 

Especially the ones of their dogs, who are so sweet and very loved. How can you ever have enough pictures of animals or children? And when they're together... it's impossible to just pick one or two. 

And it was so hard to not include all of them to show you here! But here are the highlights. Seriously, children and animals... they get me every time. 

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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