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create (Mama): Halloween cards

While making these cards I realized (once again) how quickly our kids are growing up. Thinking of making this card, I took for granted that an outline of Billy's foot should fit nicely on the piece of paper. But as I was gluing the outline of Billy's foot onto the black piece of paper, I realized that we really didn't have much room to spare. And then I started to think about how next year his foot would take up most of the card, and then, well, the years to come after that. So then I had to stop and go sneak a peek at his lovely rosy napping self- before reminding myself that naps last for only so long and I had cards to make!

I used white construction for the ghosts and black construction paper for the background. I then wrote in gold maker:

Happy Halloween from our littlest ghost* to you!

Love, Cory, Cassie, Isia & Billy

*Billy's footprint, 14 mo. 

Now I'm sure everyone probably figured out right away that the ghost was really Billy's foot, but I wanted to make sure so I included the foot-note. I'm a bit limited on sleep these days due to Billy's first molars, so I'm not sure if I would realize that the ghost was a footprint. So I guess, really, the foot-note's just for me (smile).

Cassidy Sevier

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