create (with kids): a store is not a home

By freshlyplanted - 3:12 PM

Are you someone who could just spend a whole afternoon making lists? What to buy at the store, books you want to read, craft supplies to pine after, your favorite smells, etc. And what better than a chart- that compares two lists with each other. I wanted to share with my love of lists and charts with Isia, but how could she possibly enjoy something she couldn't read? It finally dawned on me, she might not be able to read words- but she can read pictures!

We were discussing stores and working on the words "open and closed." (What does an open store look like? What does a closed store look like?) We had colored in pictures of an open store and a closed store (via Brainquest Pre-K Workbook) and glued them on two cracker boxes. We were making up stories about them when she asked me if our house was a store. I wanted us to find out together, so we made a chart to compare them. 

We realized they do have a lot in common, but not everything. Although any place she doesn't have to sleep or bathe has a special place in her heart, she realized she would not want to live in a store. And, as the one who works hard to make this little house into a home, I was happy to hear it. Success!

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