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By freshlyplanted - 9:07 PM


This week I'm...

...enjoying the last bounty of our summer garden and trying to remember when exactly one plants for Fall. Will the next week or so be too late? I hope not...

...learning how to adjust projects for little fingers. We had a paper bead project go a bit asunder yesterday. There's a way to adapt it, I just know it. 

...painting our spare room that's never quite felt "right."

...thankful that my husband goes along with my deciding to redecorate an entire room during an overwhelmed time. myself grace to take all week to paint the room instead of my usual habit of staying up all night in a frenzy of activity. It feels strange, but good. 

...dreaming about the felting and sewing to be done with the wool roving that just arrived on our doorstep today. 

...deciding to take it one project- and one day- at a time. 

What are you dreaming of this "middle of the week"?

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