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By freshlyplanted - 9:00 AM

Right now I'm...

...enjoying our local wildlife. We had a grasshopper on our window (above), we have three resident spiders (two on the outsides of windows and one in our front doorway), and many hummingbirds. 

...wishing our front doorway spider wasn't quite so Enthusiastic with her web spinning. (ahem)

...explaining to Isia the life cycle of the bee that's currently caught in one of the window webs.

...hoping that I've explained everything in a way that makes sense to her. 

...listening to her say, "The spider will drink its blood... then it'll fly away again?"after I've explained it for the third time.

...appreciating her optimism by finally just saying "yes."

Wishing you lots of learning- and wildlife- this week!

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