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By freshlyplanted - 6:00 AM

Isia has just recently blossomed into a three-year-old, which means she now has more and more words everyday to go with her opinions. And, bless her heart, she has lots of opinions. About her snacks, what she wants to wear, do, read, play, etc. Usually I can go along, or compromise grandly, with her opinions but sometimes I can't. For instance, she shares a room with her baby brother right now and that's not going to change for awhile. But wouldn't it be fun, I ventured, to design a room of your own? Yes, she thought. And so we did. 

 I love myself some Land of Nod, and their catalogs are great too. Those white borders make it so easy to cut things out neatly for our many collages (bottom picture, right).

 Busy at work gluing the backs of her pictures. If you haven't started to stock up yet, now is the best time to invest in glue sticks. There are always great back-to-school deals on them. I'm sure there's a more eco-friendly option out there, but it's hard to beat their endearing convenience and mess-free qualities.

Putting the last touches on her "room". As you can see she just freely pasted her objects within the area of the paper. For older ones you could actually have them draw a room in one or two-point perspective and then glue the objects into that. Who doesn't want a "room of one's own"*?

*Thank you Virginia Woolf!

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