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create (Mama): smocked dress #2

As I wrote about last week, here,  I am still very new when it comes to sewing from a pattern. As a naturally free-form sewer it was a delight to revisit the same design twice, and learn from my mistakes. For instance, I learned to make sure your smocking lines up when you sew your front side to your back side...

 Do you see that perfect alignment? And it only took one try this time, instead of two... or three. I also learned to make sure the ends of my smocking end up in the back seam.

And these spaghetti straps? Again, only one time with zero fraying along the edges. 

 Maybe it's just a good pattern- Thank you Heather Ross of Weekend Sewing- or maybe it's just the old adage of practice makes perfect. Either way, I see more cute little smocked dresses in my future!

Cassidy Sevier

Cassidy is a former art classroom teacher from the city, now unexpected homeschooler to three active kids in the woods. She loves nature, good books, large pots of tea, and creative projects with her family. You can read about their learning adventures and more at Freshly

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