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create (Mama): Cierra's belly

 When we bought this house less than a year ago, I knew the backyard would get a lot of use. It's large for our urban area, fenced in, and has a great little shed in the back for holding all the tricycles and balls and Flintstone cars that you start to collect when you have a backyard to put them in. I did not, however, foresee how useful it would be as a background for this:

I've had an influx of backyard portrait sessions lately, and I like that. Not only do I get the chance to spend time with friends, but I get to capture them on film. Which is such a gift...

because time is fleeting and baby bellies don't last forever.

Cassidy Sevier

A former classroom teacher, I now homeschool my active three kids. I'm passionate about creativity, curiosity, and finding new hiding places for my chocolate stash. Thank you for visiting!

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