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By freshlyplanted - 7:47 AM

Once upon a time I saw the "quick change trousers" from Anna Maria's Handmade Beginnings in this blog post, here, and a seed was planted. Are you familiar with the "Oh, someday I want to make that" seed? I've been collecting lots of them lately, but actually planting them and sowing a harvest is sometimes another story (smile). Anyways, so I loved the trousers and was talking to my friend Holly about wanting to make them for Billy when she said she had the perfect fabric. (With Robots, eek!) But first I decided I needed to dive in and take the time to try the pattern first. 

Since Cory had taken the kids so I could have some Mama time, I decided to have a little Mama beverage as well. I don't usually take the time to do a trial run first, and I was happy I did. There were several little mistakes, like this:

They were corrected easily with a little seam ripping and re-sewing, but no robots were injured in the process (ha!). I'll share the final pants tomorrow, they're pretty fun and big enough that our little man- who is currently growing out of everything- will be able to grow into them. That'll be a nice change!

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  1. And one day your little man will look back and smile at those mama made robot pants:) They grow up way too fast :)

  2. I often get the "someday I want to make that seed"... it's gotten worse since Pinterest came to be! I can't wait to see the robot pants :)

  3. Oh I have several "someday I want to make" seeds... Can't wait to see the pants tomorrow!

  4. Um, yeah, That seed is always planted, hardly ever harvested! Hence, Sofia's "Ideas". Hee! Hee! I agree with Jennifer, it has gotten worse since Pinterest. I actually have a board called "Things I shall attempt to sew one day." Its ridiculous. Thats why I try to stay off of there these days. ;0
    And the sight of those pin cushions always makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside - a sign that something cute is in the works!

    Thanks again for this creative contribution to {Magic of the Mundane}. I look forward to your links every single week!


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