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create (Mama): frugal envelopes

We'd been out of business-sized envelopes for a couple days before I came up with this frugal option. With a six-month-old, it's helpful anytime I can stay home and create it versus run out and get it (especially in inclement weather).

I'd been saving all those return envelopes from credit card companies, etc. for card-making. I had some labels on hand which provided a quick mask over the return addresses already printed on the envelope and- voila- business envelopes for free. Do business envelopes cost that much in the first place? No, but I think the chance to reuse something is even better than recycling it, and it's pretty swell that it saves us a trip to the store too!

Cassidy Sevier

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  1. I do this too! I love using them and not putting them in the recycling. Yay!


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