Thrive in 2017: May Goals

By freshlyplanted - 8:19 AM

It's a green world after our April showers. The leaves on the trees have sprouted, opening up more each day. Surrounded by trees, our living room light changes. It develops a green hue that will stay with us all summer until Autumn's yellow arrives (helped by the maple right off our deck).

This wet season is a gift, but also a concern for our trees. We've seen 100 foot trees that have fallen over due to saturated soil. Of course they were weakened/compromised first- which is why we had a thorough tree evaluation last year- but it gives you pause. Especially when your house is surrounded by 100 foot trees.

So there have been lots of family slumber parties in our room. The kids adore being close by, and it's giving them sleeping bag practice for camping trips! 

This wet ground is perfect for Spring gardening. Which means all hands- big & little- have been busy raking leaves out of flower beds and filling pots. Our community garden just opened, which will be our next project. Each family has a large raised bed of organic soil and there's a tall fence to deter interested deer. We're so excited to get started! 

I'm a little bit nervous too, since it's been years since our last vegetable garden. Do you garden? If so, I'd love to know:

What's your favorite vegetable to grow?
And any other gardening advice for easy-to-grow veggies ;)  


  • Finish up Girl Scouts for the summer
  • Softball season
  • Sign up for Swim Lessons (for all kids this year!)


  • Paint laundry room
  • Read "Duels & Deception" by Cindy Anstey
  • Mending: Isia's doll, Knee patches for pants
  • Order photos off Shutterfly


  • Spring mantle & switch out all winter clothing
  • All photos off USB onto Shutterfly
  • "Olive Kitteridge" by Elizabeth Strout
  • Adopt a two-week rhythm, alternating Language Arts & Math/Form drawing
  • Blog series: Homeschool Art Lessons in Printmaking
  • Mending: Broken kitchen shelf, curtain rods
  • Marie Kondo photos off iPhone onto Shutterfly
  •  "Disciple: The Glad Surrender" by Elisabeth Elliot

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  1. I like how you keep a running list of what you have completed in 2017 - what a positive way to look at each month passing. And I agree, it is great to finally see that Spring green and start gearing up for a new season.

    1. Kate, Thank you! I read an article at the beginning of the year about the importance on focusing on what we DO get done versus what we don't. So I try to keep a running list each day too, which really does help with staying positive :)

  2. I always love your goals. You get a lot done each month! I need to Marie Kondo my phone photos as well.

    1. MaryAne, Thank you for your kind words. And good luck with your phone photos! Doing a little each day (when I remember) really does help :)


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