Spring Songs & Fingerplays

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Spring is making its usual noisy return around here! The tree frogs are already out, filling our evening with their courtship songs, and more birds return everyday to sing in our woods. 

Our kids are singing more too, joyfully shedding layers as they jump from log to log.

While we usually hold daily circles, we've moved away from them lately- becoming more task-oriented than joy-oriented. Focused on the end, but losing sight of how pleasant the journey can be.

If you're in the same boat, then I'll urge both of us to revisit songs and fingerplays this spring. Children long ago used to enter adulthood with a full heart of memorized words & songs. These fingerplays, poems, and songs not only broaden vocabulary, but also teach kids rhythm & rhyme- which makes them better readers later on.

Here are some songs & fingerplays we're currently singing as well as some of our favorite spring books- best enjoyed on a quilt in the beautiful sunshine. Popcorn & tea are optional, but highly recommended. 

Waldorf-Inspired Spring Songs & Fingerplays
The earth is firm beneath my feet
(bend and touch the ground)
The sun shines bright above
(raise eyes and hands above head)
And here I stand so straight and strong
(hands on hips, stomp on "straight" and "strong")
All things to know and love
(bring hands to heart)

(click for music)

Winter good-bye
Winter good-bye
You may no longer stay
Springtime is on its way
Winter good-bye
Winter good-bye

Spring Songs & Fingerplays

"The Little Bird"

Once I saw a little bid
Go hop, hop, hop!
(hop the fingers of one hand on the palm of the other, or along the ground)
And I cried, "Little Bird, 
Will you stop, stop, stop?"
(shake index fingers)
I was going to the window to say
"How do you do?"
(pretend to shake hands)
But he shook his little tail
(wiggle fingers of one hand as tail, with other hand in fist on top as body)
And away he flew!
(show bird flying away with both hands)

"The Little Plant"
(have children curl up on the ground as "seeds," cover with silks)
In the heart of a seed, buried deep so deep,
A dear little plant lay fast asleep.
"Wake," said the sun, "and creep to the light."
"Wake," said the voice of the raindrops bright. 
The little plant heard, and arose to see
(pop off the silks, and start to "grow")
What the wonderful outside world might be. 

Spring Songs & Fingerplays

This is the "Through The Year" poem we're learning to help with our months. 

Here are the Spring Songs & Fingerplays we were singing last spring: 



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