Valentine's Day Buttoning Ribbon

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Has the snow caught up with you yet? Between the freezing weather and the icy hills, we've spent many days inside trying to stay warm and entertained. With two energetic, runny-nosed kids, it's meant centering myself the best that I can to breathe life into our days. Big exhaled breaths that result in dancing times, long games of chase, beating on drums, and making creative messes. Then those quieter times of inhalation. When we snuggle to read books or settle in at the table to draw in our art journals, assemble puzzles and do home-school or handwork. It's these rhythms that keep us centered (and me sane!). Simple sewing is a handwork favorite right now, and these buttoning ribbons are always a favorite. Here is one perfect for Valentine's Day- or the King/Queen of Hearts in your life if you love Alice in Wonderland as much as we do!

Valentine's Day Buttoning Ribbons

Valentine's Day Buttoning Ribbons
Although I usually use a ribbon to make these, the red binding I had on hand worked great. And I think the smaller size (I chose a smaller buttton too) will be a fun challenge for older toddlers & a little bit more like sewing for certain preschoolers who are a bit particular about such things (wink). I only used red felt, but other colors would be pretty too. You could even do several colors and practice creating rainbows- Red, Orange, Yellow... you get the idea. 

Valentine's Day Buttoning Ribbons
Success! We even got some counting practice in as she threaded the hearts, which makes my home-schooling heart happy. It was also a great "in breath" for this child who wants to live life in one big exhale. She gets it honest (guilty), and helping her find her balance- her breath- will be part of our journey together. One in which I'm learning too!

Valentine's Day Buttoning Ribbons
If you've enjoyed this, stay posted! More Valentine sewing ideas for littles are on the docket (i.e. on my camera) to share next week. If your mind's a sieve like mine, don't forget you can sign up for inbox delivery in the sidebar. Easy peasy. 

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