Creative Kids: A Ribbon Crown

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I didn't have a crown in mind when I created this activity, just an easy way for little hands to practice tying knots. Tying knots is such a great preschooler skill. Not only is it the first step toward tying shoes, but doing it over & over helps develop those awesome hand muscles they need for writing. It was Isia's idea to turn it into a crown, and a great idea at that! Quick, creative activities don't get much easier than this, and the possibilities for embellishments are endless.

Ribbon Crown

All you need is a plastic plate (or a sturdy paper one), scissors to cut out a hole in the middle & ribbons cut in kid-friendly lengths to tie one. Since Isia is still new at tying, I kept them pretty long- six or seven inches in length? We used gift-wrapping ribbon, but you could use any ribbon or yarn or netting... you get the idea. If using a paper plate you could even paint & glitter it up beforehand, then tie on your ribbons once dry. 

Ribbon Crown
Here she is with her first round of tied-on ribbons. I kept the crown & ribbon bowl out for a few days for her to keep coming back to, and she did! When she declared it "all done," I curled the ribbons for her and she proudly paraded it around. It's not hard to get this kiddo to wear a crown! (wink)

Ribbon Crown

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