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Do you remember those days when you headed into the backyard after breakfast and found yourself there most of the day? Yep, that's life with the kids these days. Before we finish our oatmeal Isia's jumping around, wanting to go outside & check on her "projects". There's the fairy garden in one corner- which needs it's own post soon- and the "bird's nest" made up of grass and leaves. The "soup" in Mama's enamel casserole dish and chalk drawings by the kids all over the deck. All in all, a busy pre-summer around here! And while I love the pace of these come-what-may days, there are a few things I don't want to forget to fit in. So we're writing them down, to remind ourselves in the busy days to come.

Summer Bucket List
Can you see a few things that we're able to cross off our list already? Spraying little brother with the hose, check. Hiking with friends and Billy's first ice cream cone from where Daddy worked in high school, check. But there's even more to add...

*Swimming with friends
*Going to a baseball game
*Scavenger hunt
*Exploring a Nature Center
*Wading in a creek
*Shaving cream body painting
*Making a volcano
*Camping in the backyard
*Summer Reading Program
*Face painting
*Rainbow pancakes
*Taking yearly portraits
*Visiting a state park
*Making Big bubbles
*Night swimming with glow sticks
*Enjoying the lightening bugs
*Having a garage sale
*Ice cube playdough
*Watching fireworks

We needed a special place to add them to, so here's our Summer Bucket List! Drawing daily has been a goal of mine, so I bypassed my computer and settled on my drawing pad instead. If you'd like to hang one on your frig too, follow the link & print to your heart's delight!
 {Free Printable} Summer Bucket List (PDF file)

If you'd like even more bucket list ideas, check out our Summer Fun board. So many fun ideas, including a Frozen Vinegar activity from Inspiration Laboratories, these Rainbow Bubble Snakes from Housing a Forest and a Garden Art Studio from Tinkerlab. Our bucket list just got even longer!

What's on your summer bucket list?

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