Middle of the Week

By freshlyplanted - 9:45 PM

Middle of the Week
My Mama
Middle of the Week
My (Maternal) Grandmother
Middle of the Week
A Little Something for a Soon-to-be Mama

This middle of the week finds me...

...appreciating the beautiful women responsible for my life even more as Mother's Day nears.

...thankful for all they continue to teach me- and their confidence in my Mama skills.

...glimpsing bits of all of us in my daughter, especially my Mama's smile.

...blocking a little something for a dear friend's first baby. It's my first piece of clothing, thank goodness for little bodies!

...including lots of good thoughts with each stitch.

...finishing up The Journal of Best Practices& enjoying it a lot.

...eyeing the next book to finish in my pile, Simplicity Parenting

...realizing I will probably not be completing the parenting book before the book club on Saturday.

...looking forward to some friend time anyways... and some book discussion too (wink).

Wishing you a great rest of your week! 

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