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If I really stop and think about it, I can remember being little. Looking at people's knees. Tugging at hands to get attention. During holiday shopping this year Isia was having trouble with her boots. As I knelt down to adjust them, I saw the world through three-year-old eyes again. How far away everyone seems when you're so close to the ground...

Toddler Art
Or when you're in your high chair, watching the big kids make stuff. Being little has been especially hard on Billy lately. As he's entered 17 months he's realized he doesn't want his own activities- thankyouverymuch- he wants to be doing exactly what big sis is doing when she's doing it. And this has forced me to adjust a bit. I've gotten in the (not so great) habit lately of allowing her messier materials while offering him cleaner options. Which is not fair. As my toddler art guinea pig, Isia was making all kinds of Big Messes at his age- and he deserves the same.

Toddler Art
Which he knows already, and is more than happy to point out to me. So I'm planning on working on that- staging our house for selling and all. Because we all know that paint splattered walls are a huge selling point, right? (wink) 

Toddler Art
My little people definitely know what they want, and I'm grateful for that. I'm happy that Billy has opinions about what he wants to be doing, although I would like to (quickly) move through this screeching phase. It will go away with time, right? Along with the chubby hands and tight hugs around my neck and sloppy kisses. Hmm... maybe the screeching can stay for a tad bit longer after all. Here's to seizing the moments- to Big Messes and happy little artists!

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  1. I know what you're talking about. One of the kids I watch is 23 months, a good 2 and a half years younger than the next one up. He is determined to do EXACTLY what the others are doing every time for art, but can paint his clothing through an art smock somehow. His parents only send him in old clothing now so that he can participate, and he's so proud to be a "big kid"!

  2. Erin, Dedicated art clothing is a good idea, especially pants. Jotting that down to remember later! And what a sweet story, they do get so proud don't they? Love it. ~Cassidy

  3. OK, that last picture of Billy? Holy cow, so cute! Thanks so much for offering to help with the hats. That means so much to me! I've updated the post by adding links to some simple hats. If you've ever used dpns or circulars, you should be fine. My email is on my blog, so if you have any questions, just email me. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! And my pleasure to help with the hats- I have your blog post pinned to help spread the word too. What a great reason to break out the needles, they've been getting a bit dusty lately! (wink) ~Cassidy


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