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Middle of the Week

Middle of the Week

Middle of the Week

This week finds me in the middle of...

...catching up on all our laundry. How can little clothes compile so fast?

...needing to catch up on my ironing for Cory. Because no one appreciates a nice, creased shirt like a high school English student (wink).

...keeping our house tidy for possible, last-minute showings- of which there have been few. 

...hoping our house showings pick up soon. 

...understanding that few people begin looking until warmer days arrive?

...realizing (again) that this house-selling journey is likely far from over. 

...brushing up on my patience skills in the meantime! 

...enjoying all of Isia's drawings, especially this one of her family. 

...putting the finishing touches on a new lovie for her. What has four legs, button eyes, and a removable tail? I'll share the answer tomorrow! (smile)

What are you in the middle of right now?

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