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By freshlyplanted - 8:45 PM

Middle of the Week

Middle of the Week

Middle of the Week

This week I am...

...enjoying (still) my big batch of homemade chicken & dumplings from Sunday.

...proud that it turned out just like my grand-mother's. She's a hard act to follow!

...playing lots of hide-and-seek indoors as our winter stretch continues.

...beginning to dream of Spring gardens, partly due to this.

...realizing that we'll probably sell our house right after I plant my garden, hmm...

...thinking it's worth taking the chance. Especially for early Spring lettuce, yum!

...inspired by a friend, who made a picture book of the house they just sold for her kids when they're older.

...photographing our spaces even more to include in the kid's photo-books, for them to remember later.

...knowing that this will be a hard space to leave, if we do sell it.

...also knowing that that is a good thing. If it's easy to leave, then have you made it a home?

Wishing you Spring dreams and warmth, wherever your home is! 

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