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By freshlyplanted - 9:55 PM




This week I am...

...realizing I have far to go as a caramel-maker.

...relenting, for now, and taking comfort in baking what I know- cookies & gingerbread.

...enjoying the nibbling that accompanies a busy kitchen.

...panicking a little at the quick approach of gift exchanges.

...tweaking my to-do list, and deciding what can wait until after the New Year- or not at all. 

...deciding that a happy Mama is worth waiting to sew the kiddos their new lovies until January.

...trying to be content with what I have to give to everyone else vs. adding "one more thing."

Wishing you luck in all of your last little things!

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  1. We're both doing the gingerbread thing! Must be something in the air ;)

    I've never made caramel before but it's something I LOVE!

  2. I've always wanted to make a gingerbread house! And I love caramels too- almost too much to make them. As much as I sampled throughout the process, it's amazing there were any left to share! (wink) ~Cassidy


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