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By freshlyplanted - 1:07 PM

Middle of the week



This week I'm...

...reusing as much of the holiday packaging I can, in art and other presents. 

...chasing a very sly elf around. (Does teething two more molars slow him down? Not at all!)

...wondering why the bathroom holds so much fascination. the toilet paper explosion he created earlier this week. 

...confident that all he has a second-sense to doors left open by Isia. 

...unsure his older sister isn't helping him out- just a little (ahem).

...making my lists and checking them twice. 

...working on a week of elving posts. Next week I'll share a whole week's worth of holiday goodness and presents to make for the giving... or the keeping (wink). 

What do your holiday lists hold this week? 

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