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I love our neighborhood. Sometimes the stars align and a collection of people move into the same area that you would have been friends with even if they weren't living next door. But they are, and that just makes it that much more incredible. And that's where we are now- sharing life with a group of people who are committed to creating a community. A group of people that aren't just friends with Cory and I, but are friends with Isia and Billy too. They'll stop by and ask if they can take Isia for a walk or if Billy can come over and hang out for a bit, and it makes the kids feel so special. Especially our Isia, who enjoys and understands the gracious gift of one-on-one time. 

Recently our next-door neighbor Juliet was taking a break from her grant-writing to paint on a large canvas. As always, both my kids migrated to the window to see what was going on outside. She smiled and waved while they looked on. Then she stopped, looked at Isia and gestured for her to join her. "Can I?! Can I?!" asked Isia. Um, yes- of course!

So we changed into her all-weather painting gear (ha) and released her into Juliet's studio, where some awesome creating took place....

.... which Isia was extremely proud of. "Mama, I rolled the brush! I walked on the painting! Did you see me?!" And I had, clicking away with my camera and thinking, "Large canvases you can walk on? Painting with a roller? We have got to do this more often!" And that's another reason I love our friends who just happen to live next door, they inspire me too!

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