create (a life): middle of the week

By freshlyplanted - 7:00 AM

This week I'm...

...enjoying the roses that recently showed up on my countertop. 

...thinking the same reason I used to not like roses- old-fashioned- is probably why I enjoy them now.

...delighting in a newly shorn little Billy. It's amazing how a trimmed nape can turn a baby into a little boy!

...holding him longer these days as he continues to become more little boy than baby boy.

...holding him closer still as he tries to fight off hand, foot & mouth disease. our holiday plans to a self-imposed quarantine, especially away from little cousins.

...thankful that we'll still be celebrating it together, and the little hands that are so eager to help.

...wondering if she'll always be this enthusiastic about doing dishes?

Wishing you a wonderful week with family and food, wherever this finds you!

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