create (a life): middle of the week

By freshlyplanted - 10:15 AM

Today finds me...

...admiring my new, lovely ironing board cover (via Pixiilane Boutique on Etsy).

...thinking I just might look forward to ironing now, ha!

...wondering which Robert Kaufman print to include in our house next? (Billy's robot pants, here)

...remembering I have a few projects to finish before new fabric is purchased (ahem).

...drinking lots of tea to stay warm as the thermostat continues to drop.

...willing myself to get all of us bundled up and outside at least once today, per Isia's request.

...reminding myself that today's temperatures will be spring-like come February.

...finishing the kid's photo albums online so they're ready to order soon.

...contemplating giving each of them a photo album each year as an annual present?

...gearing up for all the holiday creating to come, stay tuned!

What are you creating this week?

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