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We've been enjoying a warm spell this week with a resulting flurry of zoo trips, picnics and everything else that we won't be able to do for much longer. I used to have a hard time with Fall. While I loved the Fall foliage, but I dreaded the cold feet that lay ahead. I feel better about the changing weather this year. Already our home has begun to beat in the rhythm of colder days. More baking, more layers, and less transitions since we don't need to be anywhere except where we are. And as for those cold feet, that's why knitting was created- right? (wink) As our days turn colder I look forward to even more table time with Isia, who's been practicing her letters in a number of ways these days. 

We've been dotting them with our bingo markers. There are printables online for dot-a-dot sheets, but I just create my own by drawing circles for the letter on copy paper. They're faster, less ink, and don't require so much time to plan ahead! 

I also create my own tracing sheets too with stamping markers. You can use these with a dry erase marker (like our dry erase books, here) for multiple uses or a single time. Ours usually start out in our dry erase book, then Isia gets to trace them with a marker "one last time" at the end of the week. 

Tracing sheet (top), Poke sheet (bottom)

And we've been enjoying poke sheets lately too. I use a marker to draw a thick line on copy paper, then   Isia lies down on the rug with a toothpick to poke holes around the perimeter. I'm always a bit hesitant to give sharp implements to my excitable daughter, but she's done really well with them. I still stay close by though, just in case.

Hopefully these lend you some inspiration for your colder days too. And who doesn't love a bit of variety? Especially busy three-year-olds!

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