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By freshlyplanted - 3:05 PM

Do you own a set of scarves yet? I contemplated them for a few months before buying them. I would stalk them on Etsy, comparing prices and always talking myself out of them. "Surely I can just make them," I kept thinking. But then I considered all the different colors of dye I'd have to purchase in order to make just one rainbow set. And I cast a few weary glances at my "in progress" pile on my desk- and the even larger list in the back of my mind. Finally I decided it would be worth it just support an artisan and buy them, especially if I wanted the kiddos to have them within the next 2...5...10 years (wink). And I'm happy I did because we play with them all the time. This is Billy's favorite way to play with them right now...

 I pile them into an empty, clean wipes container and he concentrates on pulling them back out again. If you don't have scarves you could do the same thing with handkerchiefs or cloth napkins or fabric remnants. Anything that you can stuff in and pull out.

Now he has a wipes container that he's allowed to empty "all by himself". And I have one entertained baby who's having fun while continuing to develop all those wonderful gross motor skills. 

Sidenote: If you want to fold your scarves so they "pop out" consecutively there's a tutorial, here.

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