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We've begun the week getting our hands dirty, which is always a good beginning to anything I think. Isia's been asking for glitter a lot these days.  So I am trying- despite visions of glitter-covered floors and walls and children- to incorporate it into our creating more. As I shared here, I'm always looking for new ways to contain glitter in this container or that- but I never thought of containing it within paint. I was pleasantly surprised by how non-messy this activity really was! For glitter that is. (wink)

We began with puddles of finger paint on finger paint paper* (Melissa & Doug 4106 Finger Paint Paper Pad- 12 in.x18 in. (Google Affiliate Ad)). Then we added glitter to the puddles...

...and more glitter. The paint captured the glitter really well, and together they created a great texture to work with. As Isia kept painting with it, some of the glitter moved below the painting surface and took on the color of the paint. It was a beautiful experiment!

And the nicest surprise was, as it dried, the glitter stayed put in the paint. Very minimal flaking- even when we cut through the painted area. And just a little sweeping took care of the extra glitter. Of course there has been a stray piece here or there, but isn't sparkly art worth it? A happy little girl certainly is!

*You can use freezer paper, but for durability we enjoy the finger paint paper- especially since ours usually end up turning into something else later. (These did too, more on that later this week.)

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