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I admire those people who are always moving their furniture around. I'm a bit stodgy when it comes to interior decorating. I adjust things little by little until they feel "right," then I leave them there indefinitely. I might continue tweaking the details, but I rarely do overall upheavals. I might have to reconsider though. I moved Isia's easel across the room to our dining room window during her nap...

...and she was so excited to see it when she came down-stairs! All of a sudden it was brand-new to her. And an easel that hadn't been touched in weeks got some serious art lovin'. 

First she explored the oil pastels, which are still left over from when I was in art school. They are this brand- Sakura 130408 Cray-Pas Jr. Artist Oil Pastels 12-Pkg-Chubbies (Google Affiliate Ad) - and I would never have believed they would have lasted this long. 

Then she moved onto these crayons- Melissa & Doug 4148 Jumbo Triangular Crayons- 10 pc (Google Affiliate Ad) -which we've used ever since she was a baby. They offer a great variety of edges and they are perfect for all rubbing projects. 

She worked on it for a long time at first, and still kept coming back to it throughout the rest of the afternoon until it was finally "done". It's been especially amazing to watch her create lately, she's becoming even more deliberate with her lines. Do you see that areas of lines towards the bottom? They were the first area she drew, and she never touched them again. It's taken me years to develop that kind of restraint! (wink) I was happy I moved it and I see more easel installation projects in our future. It might even inspire some larger furniture moving, especially towards the end of winter when we begin to grow a bit weary of our continually shared spare. Perhaps all we've been missing is a great furniture upheaval! Now will someone just please remind me of this in February? 

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