create (a life): middle of the week

By freshlyplanted - 1:12 PM

Today I'm... (another) batch of lentil soup. Ah, soup- where all of our leftover veggies find a good home!

...sipping on hot tea to keep myself warm and awake after a long night of restless Billy. 

...wishing that my son wasn't quite so enthusiastic about teething- two molars at once, really?

...laughing at sleepless me for putting Friday's trash out (last night). 

...eyeing the pile of fabric that is laundered and ironed and ready for sewing!

...wondering how much of a cushion cover I can sew before napping kiddos wake up?

...anticipating out-of-town friends who'll arrive for Halloween tonight before we take them to the airport tomorrow.

...remembering that I need to go put the finishing touches on Isia's costume.

Wishing a Happy Halloween to you & yours!

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