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By freshlyplanted - 10:27 PM

I remember how much more comfortable I used to feel creating art with older kids than little bambinos. When Isia was about nine or ten months old, I finally understood her need to express herself. Me and my art education degree were a little embarrassed not to have realized it sooner, but I was completely new to this whole raising babies operation. So we started finger painting with pudding and drawing in flour and doing simple magnetic art, but I didn't begin drawing with her until much later. I thought she'd just eat the crayons- not draw with them. I now know that babies can play (well-supervised) with crayons and how much they enjoy making their mark:

This is eleven-month old Billy drawing on the paper. He loves making marks on the paper, and often looks up for admiration- and lots of clapping- with each new mark. I'm still navigating how to best support my little ones with their mark-making- but that's part of the journey, right? (smile)

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