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create (with kids): baby art

I remember how much more comfortable I used to feel creating art with older kids than little bambinos. When Isia was about nine or ten months old, I finally understood her need to express herself. Me and my art education degree were a little embarrassed not to have realized it sooner, but I was completely new to this whole raising babies operation. So we started finger painting with pudding and drawing in flour and doing simple magnetic art, but I didn't begin drawing with her until much later. I thought she'd just eat the crayons- not draw with them. I now know that babies can play (well-supervised) with crayons and how much they enjoy making their mark:

This is eleven-month old Billy drawing on the paper. He loves making marks on the paper, and often looks up for admiration- and lots of clapping- with each new mark. I'm still navigating how to best support my little ones with their mark-making- but that's part of the journey, right? (smile)

Cassidy Sevier

Cassidy used to teach in the city, now she homeschools three active kids in the woods. She spends her days reading aloud, crafting, getting lost in nature, and refilling her teapot. Her best parenting advice: You should never give kids more water or glitter than you're willing to clean up! Read more about their learning adventures at Freshly

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