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By freshlyplanted - 6:00 AM

As I was telling a friend the other day, one of the hardest parts of this season in life is finding that magical amount of creative time that leaves me refreshed. Before we had kids, I felt like whole days were necessary to refresh me. Days in which I could sleep late, read leisurely in bed, and then hole up in my studio for hours at a time. Now that we have kids, I feel like it's necessary to look at time differently. Because while I can't allot a whole day to jump-starting my creativity, I can take a moment here and there... see what Isia's been drawing on her easel. appreciate a beautiful object. enjoy something unique- like two cherry tomatoes that grew together to form a heart.

These small rests- these pauses- in our daily rhythm are my work these days. Really appreciating them, enjoying them, and holding them near to bring forth as needed when the days start to feel longer than my patience. Realizing I can only nourish the creativity of my littles if I attend to my own first. And working towards us continuing to grow in all our collective creativity, together.

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  1. Learning to see the beauty all along the way. Yep, my therapy!

  2. We call these "stolen moments" and they are so vital, not just for us, but for our families.

    And I love that phrase you used :: "when the days start to feel longer than my patience" :: because it so concisely sums up what I feel when I say "why can't this day just end?!?" lol!

  3. Oh, and those tomatoes really are magical.

    1. Isn't nature amazing? And I'll remember that, "stolen moments"- I like that, Mama!

  4. I love this. Beauty is in so many things! Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.


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