create (with kids): rain art, take two

By freshlyplanted - 8:06 AM

After a bout of very unseasonal dryness, and untimely with all of our growing garden vegetation, we finally had a burst of rain last week. What better way to celebrate than with some more rain art?

 Our first rain experiment, here, was with watercolors and heavy-duty watercolor paper. This time we put our watercolor crayons to the test.

 The drawn on colors just melted in the rain, it was just the neatest thing to watch. And when the paper dries you could see the individual rain drops left behind. It's a great activity for the little ones' attention span since the coloring can be simple or complicated, but still turn out great in the rain. Here's to (hopefully) more rainy days!

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  1. Oh I love this idea. I have got to do this with my daughter... she would love it!

    Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you a fantastic week!

    1. Hopefully you are getting more rain than us (smile) . A fantastic week to you too!

  2. Watercolor crayons? That sounds great so even my youngest lovie can participate independently! Did you have to purchase those online or do they have them at the craft store?

  3. I found mine at Michael's, but any art supply store should have them. They're pretty amazing to play around with, for the little ones and their big people too! (smile)


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