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By freshlyplanted - 7:00 AM

Do you remember those knitted bowls from my last post, here? Those knitted bowls that had holes, missed stitches, and all sorts of other beginner knitter loveliness? Well, thank goodness for felting!

The pattern for the bowls is from "The Rhythm of Family" by Amanda Soule. It was recommended to me by my friend Sarah who taught me to knit. Not only is it a simple pattern- with just a few rows of purling and the rest in stockinette- but the final felting makes all the imperfections go away. 

I think felting is going to be a great friend to me, especially as my needles and I get to know each other more. I ran one of them though two hot wash cycles, and the other bowl through three. They can be molded around something, but I just shaped them as they dried. They do take days to dry, so plan accordingly if you want to make them for gifts.

I've already picked out a good home for each of these. A perfect place for the many treasures collected daily by the little people in our life on all of their adventures. And a good start to my knitting adventure as well!

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