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I am still without a camera battery for my Nikon, but am making do with my faithful point and shoot in the meantime. I used to run quick errands downtown without a second thought, now I tell the kiddos "get ready to go on an adventure"- and it's true! Speaking of kiddos, here is a quick, inexpensive activity to assemble to help them practice their hue differentiation (different values of the same color) and fine-motor skills. 
From your local hardware or paint shop, pick up some color samples. I chose to do the primary colors (blue, red, yellow), and the secondary colors (green, orange, purple). You'll need two paint cards of each color you choose. 

 I had a larger section on my color card, so I trimmed it using another paint card as a guide. 

All trimmed, and ready for the next step. Working with one color at a time, assemble both matching paint cards and four clothespins. On the un-trimmed paint card, trace the clothespin width twice and cut them out. Glue one section to the front of the clothespin and the second section on the back. Repeat this for each of your colors. 

For extra stability against little hands, I glued them onto a much-loved file folder and cut them out. I then laminated the top with clear contat paper. Then they're ready to hand over to your little one. I'm currently still helping Isia, one color at a time, to assemble them. She's good at matching the hue, but is still mastering the clothespins. I foresee a time soon when she can enjoy doing them on her own and I can enjoy a quick ten minutes to jump-start dinner! (smile)

Looking for more inexpensive practice activities to have and gift? You might enjoy busy numbers.

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