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By freshlyplanted - 9:00 AM

If you store every artwork of your child's lovingly away in plastic bins, I admire you. I did keep every artwork at first, but I realized we make so much of it that I needed to find another use for some of it- or hire out space (smile). It was a good problem to have. And as I look back through the ones I have kept aside, I'm still happy with my choices. Being a bit of an art ed geek, I do usually jot the date and draw arrow with notes sharing the significance. So in the future, if Isia asks me when she first drew something representational I can look back and remember it was a hand. We use a lot of paintings as wrapping paper and cards. But this painting became the holder for something sweet indeed...

This started out as just one heart, to write a sweet note on and tuck into her birthday package. But why cut out just one heart, when you can cut out two?

I cut the second a little smaller than the first, then sewed them together. I left part of the heart un-sewn, then folded it inside the heart to leave a pocket for a lollipop.

A little note on the back, and it was ready to send on its way. I think these could be a sweet addition to the top of a present, or as a gift tag. They would also be fun to add a ribbon to and hang from a neighbor's doorknob with some cookies- or, if you're us, a bit a your plentiful lettuce.

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