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By freshlyplanted - 9:13 AM

I thought this would be a nice conclusion to our "An Egg a Day" week:

 Aren't they so sweet? And look closely to see what's on the other side of their plastic wall... yep, those are Isia's adoring eyes. "Babies! Mommy, look at the Babies!" With a younger baby brother, her adoration of all things Baby has only grown stronger. And little chickens that are Babies? There was a whole lot of...

 And more Love. 

Where did we find these beautiful chickens? Just a few city blocks away tucked within our urban neighborhood. This inspiring chicken coop is adjacent to a garage, with the living quarters in and the rest on the side of the yard. Brilliant. Hmm... backyard chickens. They've been a dream for a few years now, and each year I get a little closer to talking Cory into them. I think our chances improve even more if we can get him to come with us to visit the (insert high-pitched toddler exciting squeal) "Babies!"

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