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Do you have that one recipe that eludes you? For years, I've been searching for the perfect granola recipe. During my search I always kept a few more granola recipes on hand to try, as well as attempted to dissect all the good granola we ever came across. But no longer, my friends. I've finally found the granola that has allowed me to throw out the rest of my recipes. And since I started making it two months ago, I've not cast even a casual eye in another granola recipe's direction. I'm smitten, and I think you will be too.

Here's the recipe from Cynthia Lair's "Feeding the Whole Family" shared by Soule Mama herself, here. The oil we usually use is canola oil and orange juice for the juice. A few helpful hints: do pour in the liquids slower than you think you need to and stir a lot in-between. Also, if you prefer clumpy, crunchy granola like us, I bake it in a 13x9 pan instead (two for a doubled batch) and only stir it once in the middle with no additional stirring at the end until it's cooled completely. It forms the best, yummy clumps. Lastly, don't try to save time and chop the almonds in the food processor. They're best if chopped by hand, even if you have to chop them the night before while the kiddos are sleeping (smile).

Speaking of kiddos, an excellent sensory activity is for their clean hands to mix the dry ingredients. Isia tends to alternate between wooden spoon and hands, which occupies her while I mix the wet ingredients and prepare the oven. Of course, later when it comes out of the oven...

"It's Isia granola, but I share with Mommy."

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