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By freshlyplanted - 7:09 AM

We had already invited a little friend over for Valentine's tea before the quest for an Isia tea set began. With a week to go, I found this on Amazon. I was so happy to find this set- highly reviewed, ceramic, and less than $10. The cups are very sturdy and have even survived a few mishaps already. The teapot holds enough for all four cups, and it's perfect for little hands to pour. Since it is ceramic, and the little girl's only two and a half, it's brought out only for tea time (while Mama can be there). But that just seems to add to its charm... (smile)

Posting on Amazon, here. It might be worth keeping an eye on the price: it was less than $10 when I bought it a month ago and now it's up to almost $17 (!). I've seen prices do this before, and they usally go back down again.

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